July 14, 2023


The Richmond Birdwing Butterfly and Vine (2020)


Our local flora and fauna are incredible. This is the Richmond Birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera richmondia), which is one of Australia’s largest butterflies at 125mm, and is found here in the Mooloolah River National Park.

This is the male feeding on a flower and holding his wings together to show us the yellow, blue and black patterns of their underside. When open the wings display iridescent green or blue markings. The size and colour of the male makes him a striking butterfly as he flies and glides through the forest. So look out for him. What do you think the female of the species looks like? You could get to see more Richmond Birdwings if you plant its particular food source in your garden, which is the Birdwing Butterfly Vine (Pararistolochia praevenosa) with its beautiful, delicately coloured flowers and fruits. These are displayed in my digital collage that depicts the theme of “living in harmony with nature, creates a sense of belonging”.