July 14, 2023


Your Point of View


A first-person perspective of the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains located on the sunshine coast. A reminder to look on the brighter side of life and take the time to enjoy the moments that may get overlooked.

Australian Artist Gus Eagleton creates interpretations of reality and beauty within the urban landscape. With a selected colour palette and fluid lines, he manipulates light and shadow in an unrealistic and romantic way. He paints with considered velocity and magnetism, yet simultaneously the pieces embody slowness, a dreamlike feel. Gus explores the diversity and intrigue of the characters he encounters and, as a true romantic indulges in the beauty and charisma of the people he paints. He is compelled and influenced by the environment around him – the problematic high-rise development in the city, gentrification in the suburbs, the fascinating abandoned industrial areas on the outskirts of town; these spaces are his subject matter and his canvas.