What is a Terrace House?

September 28, 2023

Take a soft-footed stroll along a welcoming, close-knit street, lined with uniformly elegant homes, each exuding an unmistakable charm while being neatly connected to their neighbours. If you find yourself captivated by such a sight, you’ve likely stumbled upon a classic example of terrace housing.

So, what is a terrace house? It’s a style of housing where rows of individual homes share side walls, giving streets a continuous and harmonious aesthetic. It isn’t a new trend. These homes made a mark in Europe around the 16th century, becoming a staple in countless urban areas. Picture London’s well-organised streets or the iconic crescents in Bath; that’s terrace housing in all its glory.

Today, they are found all over the world, also known as row houses, townhouses and many other names, standing out not just for their external uniformity but also for their unique, diverse interiors.

Despite their long history, from an architectural lens, these houses are proving increasingly more popular with modern homeowners, investors and developers. They bridge the gap between individuality and community, crafting spaces that offer both privacy and a sense of belonging. As cities burgeon and available space becomes a premium, one can’t help but wonder: Are terraced houses a good investment? Or perhaps even a better investment than alternatives on the market? Given their enduring appeal and adaptability, a strong case can be made in their favour.

Peel back the layers of these properties, and you’ll find an impressive blueprint of design and functionality. So, let’s delve deeper into the question: what does a terraced house look like in its architectural essence?

Terrace houses are quite an architectural marvel. Envision homes, standing shoulder to shoulder, proudly showcasing:

  • Unified yet distinctive identical or mirrored facades
  • Clever shared side walls, leveraging that commitment to space efficiency
  • Gracefully narrow frontages, a testament to their urban roots
  • Inviting entrances facing the street, making each home accessible and welcoming
  • And their impressive vertical stature of two to three stories, making the most of their footprint

Historically, they’re built with robust materials like brick, stone, and occasionally even wood – a blend of durability and aesthetic elegance. And the decorative intricacies? They often whisper tales of bygone architectural eras.

Now, step inside, and you’re greeted by a unique spatial design that’s both cosy and efficient. Traditional designs, reminiscent of old Europe, often present rooms symmetrically flanking a central corridor. On the other hand, modern reinterpretations might surprise you with airy, open-plan layouts, blurring the boundaries between spaces.

Classic terrace houses will often feature:

  • A welcoming entrance hallway, the preamble to the home’s wider interior layout
  • A formal front reception room, a quiet nod to bygone eras
  • A more intimate rear living space
  • Utilitarian basements housing kitchens and other amenities
  • Compact bedrooms, maximising every inch of space available

Further characteristic features like large sash windows ushering in sunlight and stately front doors become the prologue to the stories within. Despite their compact footprint, terrace homes often offer the luxury of private outdoor spaces. Think quaint gardens or petite patios, perfect for a morning coffee or evening read.

Benefits of Living in a Terrace House

In the vast landscape of residential options, the terrace house has long offered several advantages that cater to diverse lifestyles and preferences, including:

Space Efficiency

Designed to fit snugly within urban landscapes, these homes prioritise every square metre. You’re not just buying a house; you’re investing in a layout meticulously crafted to maximise utility without compromising your and your family’s comfort. Such a strategy often translates to a home that still manages to feel spacious, even if the overall footprint is compact.

Lower Cost

Again, as you wonder whether terraced houses are a good investment, financial matters will be front of mind. Another compelling point for a terraced home is its affordability. Typically, terrace homes are priced lower than their detached counterparts, given the reduced construction and associated costs, making them an attractive option for those keen on urban living without the hefty price tag.

Flexible Design

As they present a unified facade, many might feel restricted by what a terrace home can offer them. In reality, the interiors of terrace houses can be surprisingly adaptable. Owners have the liberty to mould spaces to fit their specific needs, ensuring they have a comfortable, stylish home that evolves with the times and its residents.

Energy Efficiency

Sharing walls with neighbours isn’t just about building a close-knit community; it’s also an energy-saving strategy. With fewer exposed external walls, these homes tend to maintain stable temperatures, leading to lower heating and cooling costs.

Low Maintenance

A life in terrace housing often equates to less time spent on upkeep. With limited outdoor spaces and efficiently designed interiors, homeowners can spend less time on chores and more on what truly matters – enjoying life in their property.

Sustainable Living

Lastly, terrace homes offer a greener living alternative in an era prioritising sustainability. Their compact design requires fewer resources for construction and maintenance, and their energy-efficient nature aligns perfectly with eco-conscious living.

Are Terraced Houses a Good Investment?

The Australian real estate market is turbulent at best. Regardless of whether you are a first-time homebuyer, a downsizing retiree, a long-standing investor, or someone in between, it can often feel challenging to find the perfect property that meets your budget, preferred location, style options, and more.

Let’s pull back the curtain on terrace homes and uncover the investment potential they inherently possess.

Navigating the labyrinth of real estate, a recurring question for many is: Are terraced houses a good investment?Firstly, a key ingredient in their allure? Location. Most terrace houses nestle comfortably in the heart of both historic and brand-new urban landscapes, offering doorstep access to some of the city’s finest areas. Such prime positioning practically guarantees enduring demand, attracting everyone from city-loving millennials to families desiring proximity to urban amenities.

Now, consider their undeniable aesthetic. When someone paints a picture of what a terraced house looks like, they often conjure images of timeless elegance and nuanced architectural detailing. Such a unique blend of history and style has a magnetic pull, often driving property values to enviable heights. As urban skylines evolve, these relics of bygone eras stand firm, their value often soaring above more modern, albeit faceless, counterparts.

Their structure, adaptable by nature, is another feather in the cap. With intrinsic design flexibility, terrace homes present a canvas for potential enhancements. Investors can polish these gems, redefining their interiors while retaining their vintage essence, invariably boosting their market appeal.Economically speaking, these properties often have a more palatable price tag than their detached peers. Yet, the potential returns, buoyed by a consistent demand for city-centric abodes, are nothing short of promising. Couple that with typically lower maintenance bills, and the financial equation for terrace housing seems rather enticing.

AVID’s Harmony Living: Finding Your Dream Terrace Home

As we answered the question, ‘what is a terrace house?’, we’ve gone beyond their unparalleled charm and unearthed the facets that make these homes so enticing, be it for investment or a dream abode. As we’ve underscored, terrace homes blend space efficiency, timeless appeal, and a bevy of benefits from energy efficiency to high value on return.

If you’re scouting for a touch of modernity interwoven with these classic virtues, look no further than VillaWorld Homes at Harmony. Perched amidst parklands and near the forthcoming town centre of an award-winning enclave, these homes are set to redefine luxury.

Picture a dual-storey four-bedroom tower, boasting a guest chamber with an ensuite on the base level and complemented with amenities like ducted air-conditioning, pristine window treatments, and a medley of premium appliances. It’s the perfect modern mix of form and function.

The offerings don’t end there. With brand new, ready-built terrace homes, fixed price guarantees, and an entire spectrum of amenities from vast green parklands, to shopping options, to regular community events, Harmony beckons. It promises not just a house, but a lifestyle, wrapped in the heart of the Sunshine Coast.

For those poised to embrace what terrace housing offers, contact us at AVID Property Group today for more information.