Top Things to do in Mooloolaba

July 14, 2023

Looking for things to do in Mooloolaba? You’ve arrived at the right place! The Sunshine Coast is full of gems, and Mooloolaba is certainly one of them. Mooloolaba attractions are plentiful. Once you know what to do in Mooloolaba, you’ll be putting Mooloolaba, Queensland on your maps for good!

17 Epic Things to do in Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast

Our recommendations are full of exciting ways to get in touch with Moololaba, including must-see Mooloolaba attractions and adventures amongst the beautiful outdoors.  By engaging with the natural landscape, you’ll see that there is so much that Mooloolaba Queensland has to offer. Our list will give you the best of the best in terms of getting out there, enjoying yourself, and most of all – relaxing! 

Start Your Day With Brunch at The Velo Project

The Velo Project is all about supporting local farmers and working with authentic produce. Their approach is guided by values of delivering high quality, sustainable products that come from a place of passion. The breakfast and brunch menu is filled with farm-fresh ingredients that are widely valued as a source of nutrition and care by locals and visitors alike. Coffee drinkers will enjoy the same standard of quality as there is in the food, going down nicely with the easy-going atmosphere of the cafe’s trendy, ex-garage interior. 

Visit the Salt Caves

The Mooloolaba Salt Caves just might be the perfect place for you to stop by if you’re seeking an enriching taste of relaxation. Immerse yourself in salt therapy and holistic treatments provided by Salt Caves Mooloolaba. With a dedicated team and therapists that have over 30 years experience, you’ll get all the healing benefits you’re asking for. Choose a package that is right for you, and enjoy the hospitality of a relaxing environment and chai tea amongst Mooloobala’s natural wonders. Whether you find yourself detoxing in an infrared sauna, or treating yourself to a full body massage, there’s certainly something for everyone in the Mooloolaba Salt Caves, amidst the sunshine coast’s most phenomenal beaches. 

Take a Dip with Humpback Whales

Go on, take a dip with Humpback Whales…it’s not as scary as it sounds, promise! There’s an array of trusted tour companies for people just like you who are looking for things to do in Mooloolaba. Whale season is from July to October, so even if swimming with the whales isn’t for you, you can keep an eye out for them from the coastline if you’re visiting in these months. It’s important when considering a tour company to look for ones that carry out ethical practices. Check out Sun Reef or Whale One for some of the best Humpback Whale Swim tour operators in town. 

Enjoy a Sunset Catamaran Ride

Sailing across the Sunshine Coast with a beach sunset will have you feeling like you’re in paradise. A Catamaran ride offers an experience that’ll place you right at the doorstep of the most prized Mooloolaba attractions.

There are a variety of companies that know the best spots to take you, as well as optimal times – all in great style.

Take to the Skies in a Seaplane

How about taking it up a notch? Soar through Mooloolaba’s skies and experience its sheer beauty from above! Paradise Seaplanes will have you in safe hands, with a well-refined, scenic route that will showcase the peak of Mooloolaba attractions from a unique and eccentric perspective. Their most popular route starts off at the Maroochy River before heading to Mooloolaba harbour, then proceeding across the coastline to Caloundra before returning in a view-centric fashion. Seaplanes are able to fly close to the water, which means you’ll be able to feel and smell the sea spray as you glide through Mooloolaba’s divine waters. Experience something uniquely immersive, showcasing the best coastal and mountainous views that Mooloolaba has to offer.

Get Your Daily Vitamin D at Mooloolaba Beach

Mooloolaba’s coastline is truly one of a kind. Including it on the list of things to do in Mooloolaba goes without saying. The Sunshine Coast is known for its phenomenal beaches, and Mooloolaba beach does not fall short in exceeding such expectations. With a sparkling coastline, an abundance of art, culture, and livelihood along the wharf, open-air dining and cocktail bars, beachfront cafes and boardwalks, Mooloolaba beach has it all. If you’re out for the day and chasing that Vitamin D, make sure you slip, slop, slap!

Paddle Through the Canals on a SUP

Ever thought about what it’d be like to walk on water? Well, stand up paddle boards are about as close as you can get! It’s not as easy as it looks, but a good hour or few on a SUP rental is the perfect amount of time to get your bearings. Rental companies such as Sunreef charge a value price of $30 for an hour, and $15 for every additional hour. To secure a rental, just head up to the Mooloolaba wharf. Mooloolaba canals are not something you’ll want to miss out on. A paddle through the Mooloolaba canals is the perfect mix of adventure and calm, as you venture in tame waters.

Go Fishing at the Break Wall

Whether you’re a pro angler or not, it doesn’t matter. Anglers of all skill sets can enjoy quality time fishing at the Break Wall. Fishing is an all year round phenomenon in Mooloolaba Queensland. There’s a consistent flow of healthy fish swarming Mooloolah River and Point Cartwright. Common catches include snapper, perch, sweetlip, and mackerel – just to name a few. The warm currents of the Sunshine Coast also tend to attract larger families of fish, such as marlin, tuna, dolphin fish, wahoo, and swordfish. Get your fishing gear at Fishing International Supplies & Hardware, or hire some at Hire Hut Mooloolaba. Hire Hut is a great go-to for beach equipment, with a very reasonable rate of $12 for a 24hr fishing rod hire with bait included. Check out Mooloolaba fishing times to determine the optimal time to go fishing!

Indulge in $2 Tacos on Thursdays at Good Bar 

Need we say more? $2 Taco Thursdays at Good Bar is something worth getting excited about. Their $2 Tacos even made it on the list for the Sunshine Coast’s top tacos! If you don’t like tacos, the Good Bar hype doesn’t stop here. Their mouth-watering burger menu is worth taking a look at, along with their delicious shakes and cocktails known to pack a punch. 

Go Shopping on the Esplanade 

The Mooloolaba Esplanade is the hub of Mooloolaba Queensland – an essential on our list of what to do in Mooloolaba. You’ll find that the horizon is broad when you’re situated in the beating heart of Mooloolaba. This Mooloolaba attraction is bustling with shops, cafes and restaurants, playgrounds, views, parklands, and beachfronts to relax. The Esplanade is simply Mooloolaba’s beating heart when it comes to shopping. Become immersed in the array of unique boutiques and galleries, with plenty of local flavour and artisan products up for grabs. Whether it’s fashion, jewellery, ceramics, homeware or outdoor fun, you’re sure to find some gems here. While you’re at it, make sure to check out the local sculptures and mosaics located in public areas along the way – including a marble statue of Steve Irwin and his children at the northern end!

Take Surfing Lessons

Surfing the Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast shores is a bucket list for many. The countless locals zooming past on their boards often have visitors wishing they could do the same. Luckily enough, the Mooloolaba surf companies are onto it. Companies such as Maroochy Surf School and Robbie Sherwell’s XL Surfing Academy are equipped with a dense team of instructors that are keen to share their love of surfing with people such as yourself. Learn at your own pace and mode of your choosing, with options that range from beginner group lessons, private lessons, and women only sessions.

Try a Raw Nutella Bowl at Acai Brothers

Acai Brothers is a Mooloolaba classic. With specialties ranging from acai bowls, smoothies, juices and coffee, Acai Brothers are a leading Superfood Bar Franchise with an international standing. The company began with two best mates with a shared, avant interest in community, lifestyle and fitness. These qualities transcend to the goodness of their products, and as far as ideas go for what to do in Mooloolaba, their Raw Nutella Bowl is a guaranteed win for your trip.

Take the Kids to La Balsa Park

La Balsa Park is known as the picnic paradise of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, so look no further for your perfect place to unwind in your itinerary of things to do in Mooloolaba. This pocketed sanction is tucked on the entrance of the Mooloolah River, right around the corner from Point Cartwright. La Balsa cafe is a great spot to stop for coffee, milkshakes, and food, which you can enjoy from one of Mooloolaba’s most vibrant views. Sit back, relax, and soak up the tranquillity as you navigate the river’s edge, watch the boats come and go, visit the playground, or perhaps light up a BBQ as the sun goes down.

Bike from Mooloolaba to a Picnic Lunch at Cotton Tree Park

Cotton Tree Park is a well known Mooloolaba holiday park. Its prime location grants doorfront access to the Maroochy River and Maroochydore Beach. We recommend renting out a bike and heading on over for a BBQ. Once you’ve arrived, there’s plenty of choices for swimming and chilling out. You might take a dip at the river, beach, or even the local pool. Or perhaps you’d enjoy a picnic before checking out some boutiques in the town centre.

Try Your Hand at Watersports

Mooloolaba Queensland is the heart of ocean joy. If you find yourself looking for new ways to embrace the spirit of its glistening waters, how about trying out a bunch of watersports? Being in Sunshine Coast Mooloolaba is a great excuse to get creative with how you get in touch with the beckoning ocean. You might give jet skiing a go, or perhaps hire a kayak, SUP, or take it in your own hands with a boat hire. Check out Hire Hut for the best value in rental equipment.

Pick Your Own Strawberries

If you’re looking for things to do in Mooloolaba that show you a wholesome and hands on side of Sunshine Coast Mooloolaba, head on over to one of the strawberry farms! The farms are a short drive outside of Mooloolaba,  Farm and pick your own strawberries! The best months to pick your own strawberries are from June to November.

Enjoy Date Night at Spice Bar

Spice Bar is known for its food, wine, and refined style. The three of these combined is what makes it the perfect Mooloolaba date spot. Just about every table comes with an ocean view – and if that wasn’t already enough to set the scene, things only get better with atmospheric decor, music, lighting, and excellent service. Spice Bar celebrates Asian Fusion, giving you a choice in how you’d like to experience the diversity of dishes. Portion sizes are perfect for the quality and value included. We recommend the chef’s selection of ten tastings from the small plates menu for a vibey date night, with items such as butter poached scallops and Mooloolaba prawns are bound to blow your mind. We can assure you that stopping by Spice Bar is vital in the list of things to do in Mooloolaba, and is sure to leave you with a positive aftertaste.

Thinking of Moving to Mooloolaba?

Mooloolaba has long been referred to as a place to relax and enjoy at affordable rates. Median sale prices have increased over the years, however in comparison to its more expensive Sunshine Coast counterparts such as Noosa Heads it stands as a valued investment in the market.

Mooloolaba is known to uphold a high level of safety and community spirit that ties it together as a lifestyle choice that is widely felt by its residents. The local council carries out a rather significant degree of investment schemes to accentuate local lifestyle and visitor attractions, such as boardwalk upgrades and holiday parks. 

Check out House and Land Packages or Land for Sale near Mooloolaba to explore your options.