April 4, 2024

Symphony Way


AVID Property Group (AVID) is pleased to announce the Bruce Highway connection road into Harmony – Palmview’s largest masterplanned community – is now open.

The new road – Symphony Way – is the second connection road into Harmony and will be used by 13,000 future Harmony residents, as well as those in neighbouring communities.

AVID General Manager Queensland Anthony Demiris said the team is delighted to deliver this significant piece of road infrastructure to the community and the wider Sunshine Coast region.

“We’re proud to have worked with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and our fellow Palmview landowners to deliver this critical connection that will offer continuity to the existing road network and enhance the community of today but also accommodate a rapidly growing region,” Mr Demiris said.

“More people are travelling to and from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and this second connection road – spanning 1.5 kilometers – will significantly improve connectivity and traffic flow for all users.

“Symphony Way will provide residents with a second route in and out of the community as well as easier access to the Bruce Highway – enabling them to save time getting onto the highway.”

“We expect the new connection will be a welcome addition to the Palmview community as we draw closer to Christmas and with school holidays having already started here on the Sunshine Coast.”

The new road seamlessly connects into Harmony via revegetated open space and parkland areas, where we have recently planted a further 72,330 plants alongside Symphony Way.

“It was important to ensure the new road had a similar look and feel as the rest of Harmony and that the new route offered a similar experience to accessing the community from Peter Crosby Way,” Mr Demiris said.

“That’s why we have made a significant investment in the landscaping and design of the road – which includes more than five plants for every future resident on this road alone. From the moment they exit the highway, we want people to know and feel that they are in Harmony.”

The new road is the highly anticipated second of four planned connection roads into the masterplanned community – with a two-lane Southern Road Link forecast to be delivered 2026-27 followed by a connection to Springhill Drive in Sippy Downs forecast to delivery in 2028-29.

Harmony resident and mum Lauren McCarthy first moved into Harmony in 2019 and said the now open connection road will be a game changer for her and her family.

“As a mum and real estate agent, I practically live in my car – whether I’m driving between listings or heading to school pick-up or drop-off,” she said.

“This new connection to the highway is going to make my constant trips in-and-out of home each day so much faster. I imagine it will save me hours a week.”

“My daughter and I are very excited to have our ‘first drive’ on the Symphony Way today.”

The six-year-old community, which is around 50 per cent complete, will be home to approximately 13,000 future residents across 4,800 dwellings upon completion. For more information, including construction updates, visit