Pros and Cons of a Single Storey vs Double Storey Home

November 16, 2023

So you’ve decided to buy or build a new home in a community where you plan on starting the next chapter of your life – it’s an exciting time ahead! But have you thought about your long-term needs for the property?

A single-storey design might be well within your budget, but would a double-storey home support your growing family better? Conversely, would you prefer a passive home design with a single-storey property rather than spend more on gas and electricity bills with a larger house? There are pros and cons to both options, so let’s explore what’s on offer.

Single-Storey Homes

There’s so much you can do on a single level, but is it the right fit for your particular needs?

Pro: Passive home design

Controlling the internal climate of a single-storey home is much easier compared to properties with two storeys. They are better able to take advantage of the sun’s natural light – depending on the orientation of where the home is built – meaning not only do you save on lighting costs, but you’ll be able to heat your home naturally during winter.

When you take other design factors into account, you can even utilise the natural flow of air through the house which will save on cooling costs during Australia’s warm summer months.

Con: Not as much space

It goes without saying, however, that a single-storey home won’t offer as much space as a double-storey build. That means you may have to accept more compact bedroom sizes, smaller living and kitchen spaces, and only one bathroom instead of multiple.

Pro: Generally less expensive

Single-storey builds mean fewer materials are used, less time spent on the project, cheaper overall costs (due to factors like size, less need for scaffolding, etc.) and fewer workers needed on-site. That means your single-storey build will almost always be cheaper than a double-storey project, and you’ll get into your brand-new home a lot faster as well.

Con: You may have to give up the garden or big backyard

Because you’ll want to maximise the amount of space your home has according to the size of the land, it may mean giving up the luxuries of greenery in exchange for bigger rooms. Whereas a double-storey home allows you to use ‘upward’ space, with a single-storey property it may mean a much smaller backyard or no garden at all in order to accommodate your living needs.

Double-Storey Homes

You might have to pay a little extra upfront, but could a double-storey home be the right fit for your future needs?

Pro: More space means more rooms

Whether it’s to accommodate your family or for your long-term lifestyle decisions, a double-storey home means you have much more freedom to pick and choose how the space will be best utilised.

From extra beds to large living spaces, outdoor entertaining areas and even dedicated storage rooms, with a double-storey home you’ll be able to maximise your floorspace rather than try to find extra room by reducing your yard or garden size.

Con: Building up is expensive

Aside from the overall costs being more expensive (building materials, number of workers needed, extra construction time), a double-storey home usually means more work for you overall. You’ll have more rooms and spaces to clean, more areas and fixtures to maintain, and potentially more bills – especially if you need to hire external contractors to clean your high gutters and windows, for example.

Pro: Greater privacy

With a single-storey home you’re forced to have all your rooms on the one level. But by adding an extra level you can enjoy greater privacy by having all your bedrooms, for example, on the top floor. So while the initial cost will be higher than a single-level home, the investment may be worth it for the security and peace of mind of privacy.

Con: Your utility bills will go up

In addition to extra cleaning and maintenance duties, a double-storey home is much harder to cool and heat than a single-level property. So during those freezing winters and blistering summers you might be surprised by how much higher your gas and electricity bills are – whether the long-term utility costs are worth it for all the other benefits will depend on what’s most important to you.

The Verdict

The choice between a single storey vs double storey home depends on a number of factors, including your budget, family size and much more.

The good news is that rather than seeking that dream home in an established suburb, you can now buy a house and land package in a master-planned community like Harmony and choose from a variety of high-quality home designs – whether it’s the single-storey life you want, or a double-storey property to accommodate the whole family.

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