New park brings toddler friendly fun to Palmview

November 16, 2023

A new park will open this weekend in AVID Property Group’s (AVID) Harmony community in Palmview – offering local families a range of innovative play equipment including a treehouse, sandpit fossil dig, elevated connected walkways, swings, and a slide.

Designed to encourage active play, the park is a first for the community, with the playground catering specifically to Harmony’s smallest adventurers – toddlers and children as young as two-years old.

AVID General Manager Queensland Bruce Harper said the park opening was an important milestone for Harmony and the wider Sunshine Coast community.

“We are so pleased to be able to open not just the new phase of the Grand Liner Park, but also reopen the playground, outdoor gym and swing sets in phase one of the park as the Sunshine Coast Council and State Government lift restrictions across the state,” Mr Harper said.

“With our playgrounds now all open, with a maximum of 10 people on the equipment for the time being, families and neighbours can still come together and enjoy the outdoors with plenty of space for everyone to spread out.

In addition to the toddler park, Harmony has also opened the final two hectares of the Grand Linear Park – bringing the total length to five hectares – as green space for the community to enjoy.

“The Grand Linear Park is both the physical and figurative heart of our community, with many residents visiting it every day – to play, exercise, relax and to meet their neighbours,” Mr Harper said.

“Our role as community developers is about more than just delivering homes, it’s about building communities and promoting health and wellbeing amongst our residents.

“Not only will the new toddler park be opening this weekend, but we will also be opening an additional two hectares of open green space which adjoins this new section of the park.

“This additional two hectares, whilst not embellished, will provide more space for family picnics, community bootcamps or even a family game of cricket.

The configuration and design of Harmony ensures that 90 per cent of Harmony residents live within 250 metres of a park and that each neighbourhood is connected to the development’s 60km network of pedestrian paths and cycleways.

“We’re looking forward to delivering even more green spaces for our community – including sports and recreational parks – in the future.”

AVID will deliver more than 130 hectares of open space as a part of the Harmony community including the Grand Linear Park, Future Sports Park, Recreational Parks, Local Parks and Harmony’s Green Wall.

For more information on Harmony, visit or phone 1800 550 240.