New bike and pedestrian crossing cuts commute time for residents

November 16, 2023

Palmview residents now have a faster and more convenient commute to the Sippy Downs University precinct with a new bike and pedestrian crossing officially opening today.

The Sippy Downs bike and pedestrian crossing is located at the north eastern corner of Palmview’s largest masterplanned community – Harmony by AVID Property Group (AVID) – and travels north connecting the community to University Way in Sippy Downs.

University of the Sunshine Coast lecturer and Harmony resident Dr Dan Wadsworth and his family have been looking forward to the opening of the new crossing which will provide better commute options.

“Harmony is a new and developing community, so it’s really great to see additions like this coming to the community as it grows – I know so many people are excited to see it open, including myself,” Dr Wadsworth said.

“I ride my bicycle to and from work and the Sippy Downs link should cut my commute time in half as it takes me away from roads where there can be a lot of traffic and is a more direct route.

With three local schools already located in Sippy Downs and the new Palmview State Primary and Special Schools opening earlier this year, new public access routes are essential to support the growth of the Sunshine Coast.

“While my daughter will probably attend Palmview State School when she’s old enough, I know a number of parents whose kids cycle to Chancellor State College so this will be shorter path for them,” Dr Wadsworth said.

Research reveals that 39 per cent of Queensland adults aren’t getting enough physical activity1 despite the recommendation that people should be getting at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day.

Having access to appropriate routes for walking and cycling will now make it easier for more residents to integrate walking and cycling into their daily routine with the added bonus of a shorter commute time.

Access to convenient transport routes has the benefit of relieving negative mental health impacts that come with stress and frustration caused by traffic2 and long commute times which are corelated to lower satisfaction in life3.

AVID General Manager Queensland Bruce Harper said families who moved to Harmony were prioritising lifestyle factors like the outdoors, convenience and connectivity which is why the opening of the Sippy Downs crossing was a milestone for the community.

“When developing the masterplan for Harmony it was key that we committed to offering convenient and accessible ways for residents to get to work and school while engaging in a healthy lifestyle,” Mr Harper said.

“This is another way for our residents and the broader community to get back to nature − whether that’s through their commute to work or school, or even just to take a scenic stroll.

“Another cornerstone of the community is being connected to the wider Palmview area and surrounding suburbs where many residents are travelling to and spending their time.

“We’re dedicated to being able to build a community that not only provides residents with an enviable lifestyle but is a place where people are happy and enjoying their lives.”