Maintenance Schedule Update

April 4, 2024

As with every residential community on the Sunshine Coast, Harmony’s green spaces and community infrastructure are being progressively transferred to the Sunshine Coast Council ownership once delivered. This includes parks, playgrounds, roads, streetlights and footpaths.

Sunshine Coast Council is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of these areas, including trimming trees, mowing lawns and maintaining footpaths and garden beds.

To report an issue or concern about the current level of maintenance in council-owned green spaces and community infrastructure at Harmony, please contact the Sunshine Coast Council directly via the SCC app, by calling 1300 007 272 or via their website.

View this map to learn which areas of Harmony are now owned and maintained by Sunshine Coast Council.

If you notice a maintenance issue in an area of Harmony we still manage, please send an email detailing your concern and the location to