Life at Harmony

November 16, 2023

Here at Harmony we know life is busy and it can be difficult to get to know your neighbours and fellow Harmony residents. That’s where our Community Development Officer – Susana comes in. She has created a calendar of weekly events just for residents to get to know each other and the community a little better.

Whether you like to stretch out with some evening yoga, break a sweat with our resident-run fitness classes or read a story at our childrens playgroup, there is something for everyone to enjoy while meeting each other.

Not only are there free weekly events for residents to enjoy, but as each stage gets set to move into Harmony, we throw a shared welcome dinner under the stars at our Long Table Dinner.

Want to get a taste of our community spirit? Join us at our upcoming Harmony Nights event on Thursday 17 May for an evening full of colour, fun and Latin flare as Harmony’s Community Development Officer Susana Waldron shares her heritage with us.