Land Release – Sunshine Coast

November 16, 2023

Crystalline beaches, thriving cities, a strong cultural scene and entertainment scene, and comparatively more affordable properties than many other areas of Australia – it is no wonder Queensland’s real estate market has become so hotly contested in recent years. To keep up with the demand, there has been a flurry of new land release projects across QLD, and as the allure of the Sunshine Coast in particular only intensifies, these future developments are drawing eyes from both local and outside investors alike.

The escalating demand is part of a wider movement towards a more balanced way of life that doesn’t compromise on urban conveniences. For those yearning to build their dream home or make a sound investment for a growing portfolio, finding an upcoming land release on the Sunshine Coast might just be your golden ticket.

What is a Land Release?

The term ‘land release’ refers to governments or private developers making parcels of previously reserved land available for purchase. With housing supply always a difficult sum to balance against market demand, a new land release on the Sunshine Coast can be a terrific injection into the wider real estate market, directly impacting residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.

A new land release of land in QLD typically involves the subdivision of a larger land parcel into smaller lots, designated with plans laid out for standalone houses and townhomes, apartment blocks, retail strips and so on. These will be made available to purchase directly. In contrast, upcoming land release refers to land that has been earmarked for release in the near future, but is not yet available for purchase to drive interest and exposure.

Regardless of whether you’re a potential investor or homeowner, understanding the nuances between the two is paramount. 

A new land release in QLD presents immediate opportunities to purchase and develop land, which is particularly attractive for those looking to build a home or invest in property in the short term. On the other hand, an upcoming land release in the Sunshine Coast region might offer you the chance to plan ahead and make strategic investment decisions for the long term. 

The Appeal of Sunshine Coast for Land Releases

Natural Attraction

The Sunshine Coast is known around the globe for its unmatched natural beauty, boasting some of the most stunning beaches, vibrant reefs, lush hinterlands, and a generally tranquil atmosphere amid a sub-tropical climate. The pristine coastline, crystal-clear waters, and verdant landscapes make it an idyllic setting for those who want to break out of concrete jungles and commonplace suburbs, instead immersing themselves in a harmonious blend of picturesque surroundings and modern living. Such a serene backdrop is not only a drawcard for tourists but also for those looking to invest in a new land release in the Sunshine Coast area to build their dream home.

Growth and Development

Residents can experience the best of both worlds, as alongside such natural, peaceful calm, the Sunshine Coast is also rapidly evolving with modern infrastructure, burgeoning business opportunities, and top-notch primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions. Major transformation projects are underway, such as the multi-billion dollar ‘Big Build’, set to deliver key transport items like the Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line and Sunshine Motorway, Mooloolah River Interchange (MRI) Upgrade, not to mention the infrastructure needed to facilitate the 2023 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The region is one of Queensland’s fastest-growing areas and has the support to solidify as one of the nation’s most dynamic urban hubs. Naturally, these developments are bolstering the appeal of land release projects across QLD and the Sunshine Coast in particular, making it an attractive proposition for both investors and homeowners.

Strategic Location

The strategic location of the Sunshine Coast further amplifies its allure for land releases. Situated just north of Brisbane, it offers easy access to Queensland’s capital city, as well as other key attractions in the region. Such proximity to major urban centres, coupled with its own burgeoning development, makes any new and upcoming land release on the Sunshine Coast particularly enticing for those seeking a blend of urban convenience and natural beauty.

AVID: Harmony and its Land Releases

Overview of AVID: Harmony

Awarded Australia’s Best Project of the Year and Best Master Planned Community, AVID: Harmony is a new Palmview community development that perfectly blends village living with beachside soul. Carefully placed between sandy beaches and abundant hinterland, we have a selection of house and land packages , terrace homes, and new land for sale that is certain to meet everyone’s preferences and budgets.

New and Upcoming Releases

As one of Australia’s fastest-growing master-planned communities, Harmony offers new land releases in its newest neighbourhoods, known as Serenity. Available blocks like these, where families can find everything they have ever wanted, don’t last long. Boasting tree-lined streets winding around numerous recreational parks, sizable lots, and the convenience of local shops, schools and amenities nearby, the new release of land at Serenity truly highlights the best of Sunshine Coast living.

Why Choose AVID: Harmony?

  • Sustainable Development: AVID Property Group is dedicated to creating residential communities that meet the needs of Australian families. Harmony epitomises the coastal lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast, and is proud to have achieved the ‘Six Leaf’ national EnviroDevelopment certification in master planned communities from the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA).
  • Community Amenities: Harmony is more than just a residence; it’s also a hub for new local business and leisure opportunities. The Harmony Business Hub is set to create a central business strip that offers networking opportunities and community events that promote professional and business development. What’s more, Harmony promotes a healthy, connected community with an abundance of parks, playgrounds, and walking trails to enjoy.
  • Strategic Location: Harmony’s new land available is conveniently surrounded by a selection of schools, the University of the Sunshine Coast, childcare options, shopping centres, and healthcare facilities. Soon, residents will have direct access to the Bruce Highway, making local trips and or daily commutes to Brisbane a breeze.

Upcoming Land Release Trends in QLD

In Queensland, land releases have rapidly been evolving to shift away from profit-driven, rushed, and repetitive projects, instead placing significant focus on new values of sustainability and versatility of the new space available. It has been largely consumer-driven, with a surge in demand for eco-conscious developments and plots serving multiple purposes now shaping the market.

AVID: Harmony is a proud industry leader in this new frontier of land release projects on the Sunshine Coast. Our commitment to environmentally friendly living, cohesive community bonds, and the Harmony Business Hub is designed to bolster local businesses and the economy while still having respect for our:

  • Ecosystems
  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Materials
  • Water
  • Community

Tips for Investing in a Land Release

As new and upcoming land release projects in QLD may not be as regular as potential homeowners and investors would like, you shouldn’t rush into making a purchase before undertaking a few key steps:

Research: Comprehensive knowledge of the market and the chosen location is fundamental. Delve into the growth potential, forthcoming infrastructure projects, and community layout of the area.

Budgeting: Proper financial planning is crucial for investing in land releases. Draft a detailed financial plan, factoring in all possible expenses and future developments.

Consultation: It’s advisable to seek the opinions of experts, such as local real estate agents. Their familiarity with the nuances of land releases on the Sunshine Coast, and in Queensland in general, can guide you in making informed decisions.

Land Releases with AVID: Harmony

The Sunshine Coast is experiencing significant growth, presenting a wealth of opportunities for land releases, such as with AVID: Harmony.

Harmony is at the forefront, offering sustainable living, a connected community, and a strategic location. With our emphasis on environmental sustainability, mixed-use plots, and support for local businesses, it mirrors the broader trends in Queensland’s land release sector. If you’re looking to invest in new land releases in QLD, or specifically on the Sunshine Coast, AVID: Harmony offers unmatched potential.

Contact us today for more information or to register your interest.