How to find a popular suburb: 5 signs to watch

July 14, 2023

Whether you’re a first home buyer, investor, looking for a larger property or downsizing after the kids have flown the coop, you probably want to buy in a popular suburb. After all, property is one of the best places to invest, and it’s an asset that generally trends upwards.

So you’ll want to buy in an area that is a popular place to live for lifestyle purposes. But what are the clues to look for? Keep your eyes on these five signs.

Infrastructure is growing

In capital cities, density continues to ripple further into the outer suburbs. And when more people move into an area, infrastructure has to keep up. That means if you notice plans for main road upgrades, revamped shopping centres, business complexes and people snapping up land to build their dream home, that’s a clear indication of a popular suburb.

Harmony on the Sunshine Coast is the perfect case in point. It’s an ideal community that combines laid-back village-style living in lush green hinterland with the convenience of nearby Maroochydore and Mooloolaba on the coast. It also has all the amenities you’ll need in a family-friendly suburb, and you can buy land for sale or a house and land package right now – before everyone else realises just how popular this area is!

Lots of essential amenities nearby

Unless you’re happy to jump in your car and travel to a different suburb every time you need some groceries or want to sit down for a coffee in a quality café, you probably don’t want to live in an area without everyday amenities. When everything you need is within walking distance, it makes life more enjoyable and the community more close-knit.

Take, for example, buying in a master-planned community that is built in close proximity to all the best amenities. These include supermarkets and shopping centres, educational facilities, healthcare providers, public transport and even specialist coffee roasters. No wonder these communities are so popular among home buyers.

3. There’s less property on the market

If an area has just a handful of homes on the market but plenty of interest from buying parties, expect bidding to get pretty competitive. If you notice this is happening in a suburb you’re interested in, it pays to move quickly to ensure you get a home in a popular area you love before prices get out of reach.

4. Fewer days on the market

Arguably the biggest sign that a suburb is growing in popularity is when the average number of days that properties are on the market starts dropping across the board. Fewer days on the market means there are more interested buyers looking to snap up property fast. It’s even true for auctions, with pre-auction sales increasing as buyers look to avoid a bidding war from their competition on the day.

Central to everything the Sunshine Coast has to offer, Harmony perfectly encapsulates the desirable coastal lifestyle. Boasting a unique casual culture that is also genuine and welcoming, living at Harmony means you are part of a connected community.

Enquire today to learn about buying in our master-planned community.