Harmony May Construction Update

July 14, 2023


Construction is going full steam ahead at Harmony, with the majority of works along Claymore Road and the Red Cedar Street/ University Way intersection scheduled for completion this month.

Harmony’s main entry road, Peter Crosby Way, is also on track to open in June. Construction is also progressing on Harmony Display World with builders busy constructing slabs for 43 display homes this month.

The following activities are planned for May along Claymore Road:
– Kerb and median island construction
– Installation of street light poles and traffic signals
– Sealing and asphalting (Claymore Road widening and University Way)



There will be a stop/ go system in place where road widening works are occurring on Claymore Road at the intersections of Bainbridge Circuit, Albany Street, Fitzwilliam Drive, University Way and Red Cedar Street. This will occur intermittently to allow for the installation of street light poles and traffic signals.

Once the roads are sealed with asphalt, southbound traffic from Claymore Road will be diverted onto the newly constructed lanes of University Way to allow roadworks to be completed within the work zone of University Way.

Northbound traffic on University Way leading into Claymore Road will continue to use the left hand lanes.

The Red Cedar Street/ University Way intersection will continue to use the guided traffic diversions in place while median islands are being constructed.

Click here for details of proposed road detour.

Road closures

There may be a road closure along University Way intermittently throughout May during work hours only. This will not be a permanent road closure. Buses will be accepted and escorted through the closure.

Click here for details of proposed road closure.

AVID Property Group would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this time and apologise for any inconvenience caused during construction. If you have any questions, please contact the team at harmony@avid.com.au.