Edge Designer Homes

Edge Designer Homes strives to make the experience of building a new home positive and memorable through their honest, personalised service – matched only by the quality of build and an extensive range of customisable floor-plans and façades.

Opening times:
10:00AM - 5:30PM — 7 days
Monday to Sunday


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Bold and distinctive, the Tranquillity by Edge Designer Homes definitely lives up to its name. The open plan living, with its vast oversized windows, allows for a sense of space and openness as if living in an exotic garden pavilion where the border between the indoors and outdoors seems to vanish before your eyes. 

Full-length foldback windows open up the living space and luxury kitchen to the alfresco deck, inviting you to expand your domain even further. Natural light streams into the three spacious bedrooms through sliding glass doors that provide direct access to the secluded courtyards. The master suite includes a sumptuous bathroom and handsome main bedroom. This is truly a home that must be experienced in person, by anyone who loves high ceilings, masses of sunlight and the joys of a laid-back tropical lifestyle.