Buyers searching for seachange find answer in Harmony

July 14, 2023

AVID Property Group’s (AVID) masterplanned community – Harmony on the Sunshine Coast, has become a beacon of opportunity for savvy home buyers as interstate migration rates continue to drive high demand in Queensland’s land market.

The latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal that in the past year to March 2019, Queensland recorded the highest interstate migration rates of any State or Territory with a net gain of 23,300 people .

Compared to housing markets in other states, Queensland remains an affordable option thanks to residential communities like Harmony in Palmview, providing residents with an unmatched quality of life – a point supported by recent migrators Peter and Marina Gray – who chose to move to the Sunshine Coast to be closer to family.

“Being close to our grandchildren was important, but we also love the climate up here,” Mr Gray said.

“Having previously lived on the New South Wales Central Coast it was important that we moved somewhere close to the beaches, but also close to national parks.

“We wanted to be near places where we could walk and meditate, so we were looking for somewhere close to both the sea and the bush – the Sunshine Coast was perfect for that.”

Queensland’s migration rate has driven high demand for its land market, with median price per square metre increasing and available lot sizes decreasing gradually for the past 18 years, according to independent research by Matusik Property Insights.

Mr Gray said while family and lifestyle were important, the cost of living was also a major motivator.

“When you compare the cost of buying a house in Queensland as opposed to New South Wales, you can see that you can get a lot more value,” Mr Gray said.

The Grays purchased a house and land package in Harmony for a total price of around $420,000.

“We’re gearing up for retirement and want to stay in Queensland, so we chose to downsize as the land and home price was very reasonable,” he said.

“Harmony has allowed us to establish ourselves in a better position compared to where we used to live.

“We were attracted to Harmony’s community focus and connectedness – there are regular community events where you can get to know your neighbours and we really appreciate the fantastic parks and the walking paths around the area.”

AVID General Manger Queensland Bruce Harper said Harmony was developed to provide everything needed for migrators to call Queensland home.

“Queensland offers a highly sought-after lifestyle and we continue to see waves of new locals every year,” Mr Harper said.

“This means AVID has the unique responsibility to cater to this demand and we continue to do so through Harmony and our array of lifestyle programs and activities for residents.

“Living in Harmony means connecting with people through our shared spaces and community events, but also having access to retail, education, employment and the coastal lifestyle Queensland is known for right on your doorstep.”

For more information on the growing Harmony community, visit or phone 1800 550 240.