Your Guide to Builders in QLD – Harmony

March 26, 2024

Building your dream property may seem daunting, but your path to homeownership can also be an exciting and fulfilling experience when you choose the right house builders in Queensland. 

A quality home builder is not merely a contractor but a partner who will accompany you right through the initial design and building stages until the handover of your keys. As such, selecting the most appropriate builder will be central to turning your dream into reality.

With a growing number of home builder options in Queensland, AVID Property Group has become a leading property developer for both homeowners and investors. Our team takes great pride in our unwavering commitment to quality, delivering excellence backed by top customer service. Whether it is a family dwelling on the Sunshine Coast or an elevated suburban property in QLD, AVID has helped countless families across the state find their homes.In this guide, we break down everything you need to know about finding a suitable company to help you build a house in QLD.

Understanding the Queensland Building Landscape

Queensland’s building industry is as varied and unique as its climate and geography, with numerous house builders with varying degrees of expertise and experience. 

As we move deeper into 2024, a range of challenges impact each of the many building stages in QLD, such as rising interest rates and escalating costs, shortages in trades and materials, and significant regulatory transformations reshaping the industry.

Yet, despite these challenges, broader factors like ongoing population growth, the preparation for the 2032 Olympics, and significant investments in renewable energy transition are expected to catalyse a resurgence in construction demand.

To navigate this world, you must find home builders on the Sunshine Coast or in wider Queensland with a catalogue of successful projects and a valid QLD Builders License. Doing this guarantees they adhere to all applicable industry standards and are committed to providing quality and professional service. It’s also crucial to choose a Queensland house builder who appreciates your sense of style and understands how to create homes that are functional and comfortable in the local climate. Queensland’s diverse and natural beauty can inspire a range of architectural styles, after all, from urban modern minimalism to coastal Hampton designs and rural Queenslanders. The state’s warm and humid climate will then necessitate practical considerations in home construction. With both factors in mind, the process to build a house in QLD must involve thoughtful planning from the onset, using designs and materials catering to the seasonal temperature changes, ensuring homes are efficiently cooled in summer and kept warm in winter.

How to Choose the Right Builder for Your Home

Choosing amongst the many home builders in Queensland needs careful deliberation over a number of key aspects, including: 

  • Experience: A builder’s time in the industry often reflects their ability to weather fluctuations in the building market and adapt to changing trends. An experienced builder can also provide invaluable insights and anticipate potential challenges in the building journey.
  • Portfolio: A builder’s past projects afford a snapshot of their craftsmanship and aesthetic leanings. Exploring their portfolio can enlighten you about their design preferences and quality of execution, determining if their style aligns with your vision for your future home.
  • Reviews and Testimonials: Word of mouth and customer feedback offer a reliable gauge of a builder’s professionalism and standard of service. Don’t overlook reviews and testimonials to gauge a prospective company’s credibility.
  • Warranties: Warranties are assurances that a home builder stands by the quality of their work. Such protection for your investment can provide peace of mind, ensuring any post-completion issues are promptly and efficiently resolved.
  • Communication: An attentive, approachable builder who clearly elucidates processes, addresses concerns and embraces open dialogue can significantly enhance your home-building experience.

Moving ahead with a leading developer like AVID Harmony as your chosen house builders in Queensland can decisively bring you tremendous benefits, including: 

  • Streamlined process: By managing the land purchase alongside the home construction in one place, we simplify the process – no need to juggle different providers for each of the stages of building your house in QLD.
  • Cost-effective: House and land packages not only save you from the hassles of dealing with numerous entities but could also be more cost-effective than buying land and building separately.
  • Professional insight: With our rich experience as one of the leading builders Queensland is home to, we are well-versed in the nuances of building in 2024. Our team is on hand to provide guidance throughout the building stages, making sure you’re on the right track.

Quality Assurance: With a proven record as established builders on the Sunshine Coast and across Queensland, AVID Harmony assures high-quality work tailored to your requirements.

Builders in Queensland

Metricon Homes

Metricon Homes has a long history of creating home designs that enhance and reflect their clients’ lifestyles. With innovation at the heart of their work, they are house builders in Queensland and beyond, consistently delivering award-winning house plans to individualise the living experience. 

Metricon guarantees the longevity and durability of your home through a Lifetime Structural Guarantee, solidifying a commitment to quality through an extensive 6-stage quality assurance process that guarantees top-notch craftsmanship in every step of its building process.

Coral Homes

Renowned for over three decades of service, Coral Homes holds a celebrated position amongst Australia’s leading house builders in Queensland. They have reached the milestone of crafting over 26,000 homes with over 150 distinctive designs that bring to life the dreams of Australian families.

G.J. Gardner

G.J. Gardner Homes, a renowned home builder established in 1983, takes a customer-driven approach. Known as “The G.J. Way,” they ensure customer satisfaction through a streamlined construction process involving skilled builders and subcontractors. 

Founded in Queensland, G.J. Gardner Homes honours its family business roots while serving communities internationally in Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. It stays true to its mission of delivering quality homes at reasonable prices. 

Notably, G.J. Gardner Homes believes in the joy of home building. Each project is unique and embraced by local builders familiar with the community. They source materials locally and adapt to the regional climate and history.

AVID Property Group

With over 30 years of experience, AVID Property Group is a renowned Australian home builder catering to over 75,000 residents. Since our inception, we have developed a diverse portfolio of 38 projects valued at over $5.2 billion. Our focus on innovation and sustainability has earned us various accolades, including Australia’s Best Master Planned Community and Project of the Year 2023. 

AVID’s unique commitment to fostering community relationships sets us apart from the other house builders in QLD. As a proud recipient of the EnviroDevelopment accreditation, AVID also demonstrates a strong commitment to conservation, initiating campaigns such as Take 3 for the Sea, specifically aimed at reducing their environmental impact. 

Moreover, AVID simplifies the home buying and building process by leveraging modern technology and excellent customer service through AVIDConnect. We are driven to facilitate a pleasant and transparent journey for our customers!

Steps to Build Your Dream House in QLD with AVID Harmony

Building your dream home with AVID Harmony involves a few straightforward steps: 

  1. Selecting a suitable lot from our range of brand-new locations on the stunning Sunshine Coast.
  2. Work with our team to pick a home design aligning with your lifestyle from our broad spectrum of designs.
  3. Finalise your choices. Our transparency and open communication policy ensures you stay informed about all pre-construction processes, such as drafting plans, obtaining council approvals, and so on.
  4. Experience the exceptional quality of AVID Harmony during the various building stages in QLD. Our team of professionals adhere to the highest construction standards and practices to bring your vision to life.
  5. Once construction is complete, a detailed inspection is carried out to ensure everything meets your expectations.
  6. Receive the keys to your new home and undertake the joyous journey of creating lifelong memories! 

When you build with AVID Harmony, you’re investing in a seamless and personalised experience tailored to your needs. Discover our selection of land for sale, house and land packages and more on the Sunshine Coast. If you would like to learn more, please contact our sales team with any questions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.