Best Places to Live on the Sunshine Coast

November 16, 2023

The Sunshine Coast is a stunning location from every angle, making it one of the most desirable regions in Australia for people to settle down. Far enough from the bustle of Brisbane to feel like you’re on a holiday, yet still wonderfully connected, with all the essentials close to home. Find your own slice of coastal paradise, community and connectivity in some of the best places to live on the Sunshine Coast.

4 Best Suburbs to Live on the Sunshine

1. Palmview

For those seeking the best place to live on the Sunshine Coast, Palmview is rapidly becoming a top contender. Its popularity continues to soar, yet it retains the charm and connectivity reminiscent of its quaint, rural origins. As home to one of the most recent master-planned housing developments, it’s making a name for itself in the Sunshine Coast real estate market. With imminent direct access to the Bruce Highway, the stunning Mooloolaba Beach becomes a brief drive away, and the vibrant life of Brisbane is reachable in under an hour.

This family-oriented suburb is a treasure trove of modern play areas and parks designed for both the young and the young at heart. It’s buzzing with the anticipation of two new schools poised to open opposite Harmony, further solidifying its reputation as one of the best places to live in the Sunshine Coast. 

Plus, with esteemed institutions like Siena Catholic College and Chancellor State College in the neighbouring Sippy Downs so close, Palmview is undeniably a prime spot to delve into quality education, community bonds, and recreation. If you’re a thrill-seeker, the nearby theme parks beckon, but if tranquillity is more your pace, the serene trails of the Palmview Conservation Area are just a leisurely stroll from home.

2. Buddina

When considering where to live on the Sunshine Coast, Buddina often emerges as an irresistible answer. Revered as one of the most iconic locales on the Sunny Coast, Buddina beautifully melds contemporary designs with a bohemian and relaxed spirit. Nestled by the Pacific Ocean, this suburb boasts the picturesque Coastal Pathway, which leads residents and visitors alike to the Port Cartwright Lighthouse – a vantage point that offers some of the east coast’s most breathtaking vistas.

For those prioritising convenience in their search for the best place to live in Sunshine Coast, Buddina doesn’t disappoint. The vast Kawana Shoppingworld is merely a stone’s throw away, ensuring every essential – be it flowers, groceries, or a cinema experience – is within easy reach. Literary enthusiasts and students can find solace at the nearby Kawana Library, conveniently situated within walking distance of Buddina State School. This strategic positioning enables families to embrace a greener lifestyle, often opting to leave cars behind during school runs.

But what truly solidifies Buddina’s status among the best places to live on the Sunshine Coast is its dynamic and spirited community. It’s a melting pot where surfers riding the waves coexist harmoniously with tourists basking in the coastal allure and families forging lifelong memories.

3. Sippy Downs

Sippy Downs also is worth a mention as a leading contender when considering the best suburbs in the Sunshine Coast. Revered as the ‘knowledge hub’ of the region, this vibrant suburb has proudly hosted the University of the Sunshine Coast since 1996. 

With the university serving as an academic cornerstone, Sippy Downs has cultivated a thriving intellectual community, providing over 6,000 knowledge-centric jobs. This commitment to education is evident at every turn, ensuring residents have access to the highest quality of learning experiences, from foundational early learning stages to advanced university courses, right in their own neighbourhood. 

However, life in Sippy Downs isn’t solely about academia. The town offers a balanced lifestyle with a number of recreational opportunities. On weekends, cricket enthusiasts often congregate at the USC cricket grounds for exhilarating matches. Nature lovers, on the other hand, can embark on serene trails within the Moolah River National Park, situated in the very heart of Sippy Downs. Golf aficionados can hone their swings at the Chancellor Park Driving Range.

If a blend of intellectual stimulation and recreational fun sounds ideal, Sippy Downs is the best place to live on the Sunshine Coast for you. With its well-established community that warmly welcomes residents of all ages, moving here means not just finding a new home, but truly belonging.

4. Peregian Springs

Located just north of the Sunshine Coast’s bustling city centre, Peregian Springs radiates a serene ambiance. Home to the expansive Ridge Peregian Springs housing development, families have access to esteemed educational institutions like the Peregian Springs State School and St Andrew’s Anglican College. The area is also dedicated to conserving its natural wonders with over 50 hectares of protected national park, which safeguards the rare Wallum Sedge Frog.

Peregian Springs doesn’t just position itself as one of the best suburbs in Sunshine Coast due to its beauty or educational facilities; it’s also a beacon for sustainability. Rainwater tanks, a testament to the town’s commitment to eco-friendly solutions, meet irrigation requirements at local shopping precincts and verdant parks. 

The suburb also prides itself on its pioneering environmental endeavours, designed to shield native plant species and wildlife. An adjoining nature corridor stands as a testament to this, inviting residents and visitors alike to venture on hikes and explore the abundant beauty of the land.

For those keen on the best places to live in Sunshine Coast that offer both convenience and a touch of tranquillity, Peregian Springs is a great option. While local amenities ensure residents want for nothing, the slight distance from the city’s hustle and bustle offers a peaceful retreat.


These communities, despite sometimes sitting a little off the beaten track, offer the same connectivity and benefits that you’d find in the city. Moving into an up-and-coming community such as Palmview, you have the opportunity to buy a home at a much more accessible price in one of the best places to live on the Sunshine Coast.

Harmony is an exciting new development set in the heart of the Palmview, on Queensland’s pristine Sunshine Coast. Enjoy the natural beauty and spacious surroundings with all the convenience of stylish village living.

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