All You Need to Know About Living Near Buderim

November 16, 2023

While Buderim is known for its lush hinterland and stunning views, it has always had a smaller population of tight-knit, long-term locals… until now. The suburb has attracted a mix of families and young professionals—so what’s been the reason behind Buderim’s newfound popularity? Here’s everything you need to know about Buderim: what to do, where to find it, and why the community loves it.

About Buderim

Until the mid 1960s, Buderim had a population of under 1000. By 2016, that number had climbed to 29,000. Buderim has long been home to a vibrant and active community, made up of organisations which bring together people from all walks of life and age brackets. Buderim has a friendly and welcoming vibe, with a long agricultural history behind it.

Over the last 150 years, Buderim’s inhabitants have harvested sugar cane, beans, tomatoes, coffee, citrus, bananas, crops and most famously, ginger. “Buderim” is thought to come from the local Kabi Kabi word “Badderam” or “Budderum”. This translates to “honeysuckle” of the hairpin variety, which grows on the red soil of Buderim Mountain. However, the terrain of Buderim Mountain was much denser prior to British occupation—so the name could also be derived from “budherahm”: the Yugambeh word for “sacred” or “spiritual”.

Where is Buderim?

Buderim is 95km north of Central Brisbane, and is named after the 180-metre mountain that it sits on and around. The Buderim plateau overlooks the neighbouring communities of the Sunshine Coast, including Mooloolaba, Maroochydore and its nearby beaches. On this elevated volcanic ridge, this large town boasts views to Alexandra Headland and across the ocean. It is also just 11 minutes’ drive to the community of Harmony.

Things to do in Buderim

There’s lots to do in Buderim, whether you’re a foodie, a family, or a lover of the outdoors. Buderim’s village centre offers a range of dining and shopping boutiques, and also includes all the essential health and education services you could need close by.

Explore Buderim’s parks

Buderim residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to nature spots to explore. Whether you’re after those mountain views or a hike to get your heart rate up, there are a number of parks and walks you can check out in Buderim and its surrounds. Here are just a few.

  • Foote Sanctuary is a rainforest memorial donated by the Foote family to the people of Buderim. The 17 acres of preserved nature walks commemorate Eric Foote who died in France during World War I at the age of twenty five. The sanctuary lives and breathes, with birdsong, waterfalls, 272 native flora species, eucalypts and six walking tracks ranging from easy to difficult. Foote Sanctuary is a haven for picnics too, so be sure to pack a lunch!
  • Buderim Forest Park preserves much of the original vegetation in Buderim, with three meandering walking tracks which take you through a rainforest of ferns and palms surrounding the town. Here, you can also relax and enjoy the Buderim Forest Waterfall—a picturesque paradise of cool flowing water and towering trees. Swimming is not recommended. In this 45-hectare park, you can also visit the Edna Walling Memorial Garden.

Take a trip down memory lane

Buderim was founded in the 1860s, and some of the historical sites and buildings still remain on the mountain today. The Pioneer Cottage, for example, was the home of one of Buderim’s early colonialist inhabitants, and has been restored in its original period styling. Today, it houses the Buderim Historical Society. The Pioneer Cottage is just one stop on the Buderim Historic Walk: a walking tour of Buderim developed by the Buderim Historical Society and the local council.

Enjoy Buderim foodie hotspots

While you’re in Buderim, be sure to check out the Buderim Ginger in nearby Yandina. While production was originally in Buderim, operations moved to the Yandina location to meet growing demand for Buderim ginger. Buderim has always been known for its produce, and this has made for some fantastic additions to the foodie scene in the last few years. In particular, Buderim has become well-known for its thriving coffee and foodie culture—all enjoyed with gorgeous surrounds and untouched wilderness. Here are our favourites:

  • Harry’s on Buderim is a charming and cosy restaurant with balcony seating and modern Aussie cuisine, made by two hatted chef Stuart Bell. This is a great way to get a taste of Buderim, as only the freshest local ingredients are used.
  • KAI COFFEE has a strong reputation on the Gold Coast, and this cafe lives up to that: it’s well worth the 11 minute drive out of Buderim. As a light-filled space with friendly staff and great food and drink, there’s plenty of room to run around—and to check out Harmony’s display world, and dream of your new life living near Buderim.
  • The Buderim Tavern is a classy yet casual spot to unwind and soak in the views, devouring a parmy along with a few local brews. With a cheese platter and mountain breeze to relax outdoors, this has been a favourite haunt for the Buderim community for years.

Weather in Buderim

The weather in Buderim is pleasant and balmy year round. Buderim Mountain is tall enough to catch the summer sea-breeze, making Buderim the perfect mix of warmth tempered by the ocean. Buderim gets the benefits of coastal living, while its luxurious gardens and trees keep its residents cool and protected from the humidity. In the summer, Buderim is cooler than neighbouring coastal suburbs by up to five degrees, while still only being a 15 minute drive to the water.

Living near Buderim

The benefits of Buderim extend beyond its borders, and the greater region offers many of the same positives for buyers. The Sunshine Coast is well-connected to all of the amenities that you could need, while promoting a relaxed, sunny outlook on life. Land for sale near Buderim is very popular—as is Buderim real estate. Don’t miss out; get in touch with our sales team and start your new life at Harmony today.