5 Reasons Why More People are Moving to the Sunshine Coast

November 16, 2023

The Sunshine Coast is not just a holiday hotspot during summer months but also an ideal destination for those considering moving to the Sunshine Coast. With the allure of sun, sand, and the captivating Sunshine Coast lifestyle, the thought of relocating to Sunshine Coast and making it a permanent residence becomes increasingly tempting. And as statistics highlight, a growing number are embracing living on the Sunshine Coast. Here’s why you should consider it too.

1. The Sunshine Coast Dining Scene

The Sunshine Coast is not just a gastronomic paradise, but it reflects a fusion of local produce and international flavours. For residents living in the Sunshine Coast, it means every meal is an opportunity to explore a new taste or revisit an old favourite. Here’s a closer look:

  • Mooloolaba Esplanade: Apart from the beachfront beauty, it’s a culinary journey along this esplanade. While the aroma of freshly caught fish being fried fills the air, there’s also the scent of aromatic spices from Thai curries or the smoky appeal of wood-fired pizzas. 
  • Hastings Street, Noosa: This alfresco hub thrives in its variety. Start your morning with a nutritious acai bowl, have a laid-back burger lunch, and end the day with freshly shucked oysters and a glass of white wine. 
  • Alexandra Parade: The crown jewel of seaside dining. The local favourite, Alex Surf Club, offers more than just panoramic ocean views. It’s where traditional Australian flavours meet contemporary cooking methods. 
  • Farmers’ Markets: The secret behind the vibrant dining scene in the Sunshine Coast is its fresh, local produce. From farm-to-table vegetables to freshly caught seafood, the area’s farmers’ markets, such as the famous Noosa Farmers Market, are a testament to the region’s rich agricultural backdrop. 
  • Kai Coffee in Harmony Sunshine Coast: Beyond the standard brew, Kai Coffee brings global coffee culture to the coast. From the creamy Arrow Blend to cold brews and nitro coffees, this café caters to all coffee enthusiasts. Pair it up with their delectable pastries or a hearty breakfast, and it’s the perfect start or end to any day. And for those considering moving to the Sunshine Coast, imagine having this coffee gem just a stroll away in the Harmony community.

Dining on the Sunshine Coast isn’t just about food; it’s about the experience. From the sound of the ocean waves accompanying your beachfront meal to the aroma of fresh ingredients, it’s a treat for all senses. The Sunshine Coast lifestyle, in many ways, is a reflection of its eclectic and diverse dining scene.

2. Incomparable Natural Beauty

Yes, the beaches – we know we don’t need to tell you! But an article about the Sunshine Coast without a section on beaches would be a Bunnings trip with no sausage sizzle. If you love catching waves or lounging on the sand with a good book (who doesn’t?), the Sunshine Coast is a great place to live in that respect. 

Living on the Sunshine Coast means having these pristine, litter-free coastlines at your doorstep. Popular picks include Noosa Heads Main Beach, Coolum Beach, Mooloolaba Beach, Mudjimba Beach, and Kings Beach, Caloundra. The proximity of communities like Harmony Living ensures the beach is never too far away.

With Sunshine Coast weather boasting almost 300 days of sunshine annually and the ocean temperature always inviting, the off-season offers a tranquil experience for locals away from tourist crowds.

3. A Wide Range of Activities

Sunshine Coast living isn’t just about nature. There’s a vibrant shopping and entertainment scene. 

  • For the shopaholics reading this, the Sunshine Coast has no shortage of locations for that bit of retail therapy. Whatever your tastes, there’s something for everyone. For boho eclectic finds head to Eumundi Markets, or head to
  • Noosa and Mooloolaba for more designer offerings. 
  • The Sunshine Coast is home to a talented rotation of entertainers, comedians, actors, dancers and musicians. If you want to catch some live entertainment, you can’t go past The J in Noosa, or Solbar, where you’ll see a mix of local up-and-comers as well as international names. 
  • Part of moving to a new place is decorating your home in a way that reflects the lifestyle you’d like to lead. From artisan crafts to boutiques, to handmade furniture and homewares, the Sunshine Coast has it all. To take it a step further, have you considered building your home around your lifestyle?

4. The Laidback Sunshine Coast Lifestyle

For those considering moving to Sunshine Coast, the region promises a life distanced from urban chaos. If you’re looking for a life away from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast is for you. 

The culture is relaxed, the locals are friendly and always up for a chat, and the atmosphere is unflappably calm. The area attracts people from all walks of life with one thing in common: an appreciation of human kindness and mindfulness. Communities such as Harmony Living are tight-knit, resonating with the larger spirit of Sunshine Coast living.

5. Easy Accessibility

Sunshine Coast living is about connectivity. Aside from being close to Brisbane, the area’s public transport gives you an affordable and sustainable way to travel and explore the area’s lush surroundings, and Brisbane is only an hour away. 

For locals, a prepaid Go Card allows you to travel on every bus, train, tram and ferry service running regularly throughout South East Queensland. 

If you prefer to walk, or just like having all that you need a little more close at hand, consider living in a master-planned community such as Harmony, where all amenities are a short trip away.

Moving to the Sunshine Coast is ALWAYS a Good Idea

Is the Sunshine Coast a good place to live? Absolutely. Embrace a life where the beach is more than a holiday destination. At AVID Harmony, experience nature daily, surrounded by lush hinterland and reserves. We’re crafting parklands and green spaces that connect the community, epitomising the best of Sunshine Coast living.